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Data Collection – Exponential Part 2


  • Record the successive maximum heights for a bouncing ball.
  • Model the bounce height data with an exponential function.


Bounce Back

Groups of three students used a motion detector to collect the height of a bouncing ball for 5 seconds.

Ready to Bounce

Ready to Bounce

Bouncing Ball

Bouncing Ball


An example of one group’s data collection.

Bounce Height Data Quest

Height vs Time Graph

Students determined the maximum height of five successive bounces.  They put the data in a List & Spreadsheets Page.

Bounce Height Data 1 Bounce Height Data 2

The data for the first and fourth bounce was used to mathematically determine an exponential model that would fit the data.  They plotted their data and model on a Data & Statistics Page.

Bounce Back Exponential

Calculated Model

Then they had the calculator find the exponential regression for their data.

Bounce Back Regression

Exponential Regression


Most groups found their model and the exponential regression to be very similar.