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Facebook Birthday Posts

My birthday was on Sunday.  Facebook will tell you how many people have posted on your timeline for your birthday.  I started looking back at the history of post to my timeline on my birthday, and it made me curious.  Could I predict how many friends would post to my timeline this year?

I specifically looked for the post that said something like this:

post number

I found data for 2007 – 2014, and created this graph.

all data

Clearly, there were some outliers, so I removed them.

outliers removed

That data sure did look linear, so I added the linear regression.

regression 1

Based on the regression (look at that r^2), I predicted that 53 friends would post to my timeline for my birthday 2015.

And the official Facebook results:


I would say I have a pretty good model.  If this trend continues, I am predicting 59 friends will post to my timeline for my birthday 2016.

regression 2