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Advice from Students for Students

My students were asked to write a letter to the students that would be taking PAP Algebra 2 next year giving them advice.  Here is their advice to next year’s students.

So you’re taking PAP Algebra 2.  Whatever ideas you have about this course – go ahead and banish them from your mind.  PAP Algebra 2 is not some evil class that will suck the life out of you.  Sure, it’s challenging – but you can handle it.  You didn’t take this course to be babied. You took it because advanced classes look good on your transcript and because, to some degree, you believe you have what it takes to at least pass.  In PAP Algebra 2, you can expect to have lots of homework (sorry, but that’s just how it is).  You can also expect to be working from bell to bell, so don’t try to pull out your other homeworks.  Look.  My advice to you is: do all that you can.  This class was made to test you.  To see if you can handle varying levels of difficulty.  Just try your hardest and you’ll make it.  Also: don’t use scratchpad. – Abby

Regarding IDs

  • Don’t fight the ID.  She will make your wear them.

Regarding Notes

  • First, you are going to want a big notebook, so you can write all your notes down.  And second you want to have good notes, so you can go back on them and study.
  • Print out your notes.  It will save you time and will help you focus and understand the lesson better.
  • I’d consider printing out your notes if you’re doing any kind of graphing because the graph Ms. Kelly is giving you is better than your sketch; I promise.
  • Printing your notes off of Canvas allows you to understand what you are answering. (And not to mention, it minimizes hand cramps because you don’t have to write as much or as fast.)
  • If you think you can come into this class and not take notes, or do your homework, and expect to do good on all the tests and quizzes, you’re wrong.

Regarding Homework and Canvas

  • Expect homework most nights and be ready for quizzes because there are a lot of them.
  • You should always do your homework the night you get it, even though it may not be due the next day.  Also, don’t check Canvas before or you won’t learn the material and you will fail the weekly quizzes!
  • Always check Canvas to make sure you have done your homework correctly.
  • When you work, you are expected to make mistakes, but learn from them.
  • Show ALL of your work!!!
  • If you want to do well, properly do your homework.  Don’t simply copy answers or you’ll likely fail the quizzes.
  • Check Canvas for assignments if you were absent.  Ms. Kelly will say the same thing.
  • Canvas will help you in the long run.  Everything you need on there is important like notes, assignments, and there is discussion board so if you need help with your work.
  • If you haven’t experienced the magical greatness that is the TI-Nspire CX calculator, get ready for a thrill ride.  These calculators make completing many complex mathematical equations a breeze and I highly suggest you purchase one for homework uses.

Regarding Asking Question

  • Ask questions.  If you don’t understand something, ask questions.  It’s what teachers are there for.
  • Go to tutoring if you don’t understand.  Ms. Kelly is like the smartest person ever so go to her and she can help if you don’t understand anything.
  • If you don’t understand Ms. Kelly is always there to help and she’s not just going to give you the answer.  She is going to make you think.

General Advice

  • Don’t rush on the test/quiz because you might make the stupidest mistake.
  • Remember the ± sign in front of square roots.
  • Come to class with a positive attitude and an open mind to learn new things.
  • Expect to learn a lot of math and equations that build upon each other because the thing you learned in the 1st term will definitely be used until the end of the year.
  • Don’t use scratchpad.  If you do use scratchpad, Ms. Kelly’s scratchpad senses will kick in and she’ll be at your desk saying “No scratchpad” fast than you can type the first number.
  • Ask Ms. Kelly to tell you π.
  • Don’t let Ms. Kelly make you think she doesn’t laugh.
  • Last but not least, no Ms. Kelly can’t follow you to pre-cal (I already asked).