Year 13


This week marked the beginning of my 13th year of teaching.

So many things this year are “new”.  I have a new principal and a new assistant principal for the first time in seven years.  I am teaching one section of a new course called Algebraic Reasoning.  I am using Canvas for the first time.  And I was invited to become a T3 Instructor earlier this month.

I am still teaching Pre-AP Algebra 2, but I specifically requested one section of Algebraic Reasoning so that I could try standard-based grading.  My Algebraic Reasoning class is small (19 students) and almost 50% are SPED.  It has been 9 years since I taught a class with a co-teacher, but I have a wonderful co-teacher that is going to help ensure that I am meeting the needs of all my students.

For the first time in my teaching career, I received a present from a current student on the first day of school.


Inside was a Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Brownie bar.

Then on Tuesday, the following conversation occurred between a current student and myself.

S: Ms. Kelly, you are my third favorite teacher.

Me: Third favorite?!?  Who are your first and second favorite?

S: My color guard and choir directors.

I guess if extracurriculars are going to outweigh math, I’ll take being the third favorite.

I shake hands with my students as they come in the door, but that student had her hands full when she came to class on Wednesday.  She decided to give me a hug instead.

Finally, I had 35 students make a 95 or higher on their Unit 1 Prerequisite Skills test.  I haven’t looked to see how that number compares to previous years, but the star cut-outs that I put up are new.  I have had a star student wall since my first year teaching, but I bought a different set of stars this year.  I really like how they look on the bulletin board.


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